fusion of art and yoga
'define your culture'

You are exactly where you are supposed to be...

Niculture is a unique fusion of art, Yoga and living a positive life.  Nicole Cronkhite is the owner of Niculture operating as the artist, registered Yoga teacher and encourages by example, words and use of meditations to live the positive and beautiful life you deserve.  

Nicole has been an artist for as long as she can remember, she studied art in both high school and college knowing that art was an important aspect to her.  She is very connected to her pieces and puts her energy into the art.  Her art is always transforming and represents some parts of her own life and times.

Through many trials of life and life lessons, she came to realize the importance of love and living a positive life.  She relates to the mythical creature the rising phoenix, because she too has been able to rise out for the lowest point in life, deep in the ashes and start over  with new wings, grace and beauty.  With this relation she believes in the human spirit and mind to overcome anything and having the strength and power to start again and move forward.  With her experiences and beliefs she shares uplifting input and ways to help the mind and spirit. Nicole practices daily meditations and breathing techniques to stay in touch with her spirit, work with the mind and live the life she wants, with her practices and experience she wants to help you enjoy and be grateful for your life.

Yoga became a life changing and important part of Nicole's life in 2008.  Her first class was just a means to stretch and tone, when she left, she saw things differently, felt a shift in her energy and there was a knowing that she needed to continue.  As she continued to practice and learn Yoga she realized that there was more to Yoga than just the poses and noticed good positive changes within herself, how she handled life and stresses. Nicole has always had an awareness that she was supposed to help others, as she noticed the changes within herself it came clear to her that she will be a Yoga instructor. Nicole completed her 200 hour teacher training November 2012, she is fully licensed, insured and constantly learning and growing for herself and you.  

This is her culture, what is yours?

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